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    Post V70: HOWTO: Fix a foggy

    So, having seen excellent posts here (and elsewhere...but we don't talk of such things) I decided to get my phone dirty and take pictures while working on my car this weekend for two projects
    • Fix a shattered fog light (driver's side)
    • Fix a door restraining strap (driver's side)

    • Wide flat tool (like a small paint scraper)
    • Hex/star screwdriver set
    • Socket set
    • Pliers

    Get to the foggy
    Easy but not obvious, first, remove the bumper by lifting the bonnet, pushing in the little round plastic clips with a screwdriver (by the radiator)
    Then, pop the trim on the bumper using the flat tool (a screwdriver will do it but you'll get stress marks/cracks on the plastic)
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    Now you can see the bolts, but before you remove them attack the headlight wipers - tie the hose with tape to the arm to stop it from wandering off. The hose will come off with firm twisting - if it's perished you may lose it however.
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    Finally remove the bolts - next, using at least 3 of your limbs, push the driver's side end of the bumper towards the back of the car, pull it out and away then slider it forwards from the car (it's all on sliders, not screwed in) - repeat on the passenger side. Head to the middle of the bumper and pull straight towards you - mind the wiper sockets and remember that the foggy cables are still attached.
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    Replace the foggy
    Kaput foggy (you'll need the hex screwdriver)
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    Replaced foggy and bumper
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    Have a Beer

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    Bloody good effort Sam. Normally, you see people removing wheelarch liners and undoing things, insisting that you have an assistant to do the bumper removal.
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    My "Assistant" is in a different country at the moment so I was determined to get this sorted without even more limbs needed. Driving in a blizzard with a broken foggy focuses the mind a little to getting it fixed; I didn't want a repeat of that my eyes were on stalks trying to find the road - hairy indeed.

    Cheers all


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