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Had exactly same problem
After having booster, ariel, leads etc etc replaced, it turned out to be my 12v Grifin cigarette usb charger, ok in last car but stops signal in xc60D5

6 months no radio, ok now


Hope it helps
Talk about thread revival!!

Anyway, yes indeed, a 12v plug in USB charger can and will knock out the FM reception as I to recently found in in my van with a plug in Bluetooth adaptor. I have two 12v sockets in the van, one above the dash and one in the slide out cupholder (VW T5).
When I had the Bluetooth adaptor plugged into the dash top socket (for convenience) the signal on my radio was crap. Could only really get local radio station and radio 1 and even they weren't great, all other stations were unworkable.
I put up with it for 6 months and messing about in van with another charger for a head torch, I moved the bluetooth adaptor to the lower socket and the next day I noticed all my radio staions were back and clear!

So if your having reception issues in your car, makesure you unplug any bluetooth adaptors, chargers or plug in stuff first as it could save you a whole load of stress long term!!