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    The Volvo Performance Club UK (VPCUK) Your Team

    The Moderation and Administration Team

    Should I have a grievance or query?

    If your grievance or query relates to a particular post, it is best to use the report post button. This is the fastest way to flag a post to the attention of the team. (Its the red box with the white cross located at the top right hand corner of a post).

    You can also send your grievance or query via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

    Grievances or queries relating to the Market Place section, Andyb1375 can be directly contacted via PM.

    Grievances or queries relating to registered traders (or anyone that is attempting to trade that isn't a registered trader), Santa can be directly contacted via PM.

    All issues relating to the website stability, security or running are to be directed towards the site administrators.

    Who does what?

    Administrators: Responsible for the day to day operating of the site, including member management and content.

    Moderators: Responsible for the management of content on the forum.

    Our team at VPCUK:

    -Dangerous Dave


    -Woody T5

    Market Place Moderation:


    If you wish to contact a particular team member direct, please contact them via this portal

    If you need any further information or need to contact all the team direct please contact us here
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    As this happens all too often and personally I'm getting sick of it.........

    The staff give their time freely to help run this forum. Yes that includes enforcement when rules are broken whether you like the rules or not.

    I will no longer tolerate any "off" remarks towards the staff. Whether these be in the form of personal attacks, "chucking your toys out the pram" or anything else I deem unacceptable.

    If you want to discuss how this forum is run, the rules, an enforcement you may have received then you PM myself. The staff conduct their duties within the framework I'm responsible for creating, therefore aim your angst at me.

    Further instances may result in temporary suspension.
    Any suggestions, information, complaints or grievances relating to this forum please feel free to contact us, talk to a mod or administrator

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