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Thread: Strut brace mod

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    I'm certain I read somewhere the engine bar was designed to push the engine downwards in the event of a heavy collision.

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    [QUOTE=LeeT5;812356]I'm sorry but unless you can provide hard evidence of this, I think you're talking utter bolox!

    AFAIK, the Engine brace/support, whatever you wanna call it, incorporates many bushes, no doubt, due to extensive research that Volvo will have undoubtably done to isolate the 5 cylinder vibration from the cabin. This is evident when you fit a bush that is too stiff.

    "no doubt, due to extensive research that Volvo will have undoubtably done to isolate the 5 cylinder vibration from the cabin"

    I f the bar where anything to do with vibration, Why is there no load whatsoever on it during idling or normal engine torque? Even seen dozens of crashed ones the bar is always under load after a frontal sometimes to the extent we need to cut them free and even on the most excessively loaded ones never have we seen one tear or shear from its bushes or mountings.

    I have only heard verbal communication from Volvo on the purpose of the bar, however from our experience they are amazingly guarded over all their safety features .

    "Bolox" is your opinion, mine is formed from experience and a little info. I doubt we will find an official Volvo stance (i will look up the patent on it when back)

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    Go on then, I'll ask...

    Who is "We?"

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    It strikes me that the obvious benefit of this 'strut brace ' putting some engine positioning function into the strut tops is that it saves on any NVH being transmitted directly into the scuttle.

    However, there may be some function in directing the engine somewhere away from the car's occupants in the event of a big frontal impact. My understanding is that Volvo have historically engineered to get the engines down and under in such circumstances.

    These cars have the engines sitting on a low subframe in a more traditional manner. The smaller Volvos based on the Focus platform in fact have their engines hung in a pendulum fashion from higher up which may give some benefits in having the engine move downwards more effectively in the smaller space available.

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