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Used remotes will work if your car is fitted with an VGLA module, as in S40, V40, C70, S70 early P1 V70s, but require some sort of diagnostic equipment to unlock the security on the module and then initialise the remote to the car by pressing the lock/unlock button.

P2 cars remotes are programmed into the UEM and have an 8 digit pin (on early models) and an 8 & 16 digit pin on later models, again require diagnostic equipment to unlock the module and add codes.

Vadis is now obsolete and will not program keys and remotes, Vida will perform the task but there is not many independent repairers who have the tool and software capability.

I find that bypassing the system is the easiest way, but the information is classified by Volvo and would result in prosecution and certain death.
so if i replace the UEM with one from a vehicle with a fob from same vehicle, can i unlock the car/// and will it cause other problems [no start? or lights on all time?]