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    Hi what are the supporting mods needed...? I...

    Hi what are the supporting mods needed...?
    I want more power but don't want any noise...
    Thanks for the reply
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    Elevate downpipe w cat

    hi can anyone tell me if its possible to install a rica stage 3 remap with just a elevate downpipe w/cat and upgraded intercooler...?
    I want to use the original standard cat back exhaust because I...
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    Delphi p1 siren control module....?

    Hi alarm system service req up again : (
    can anyone please tell me what numbers are important when buying a new siren control module?
    On the back of my old siren it says 8696044 Delphi M6...
  4. Hi thanks for the reply... Yes that's the same...

    Hi thanks for the reply... Yes that's the same message...
    I phoned up Volvo today and was quoted 220+ vat fitted for a new siren..
    + 140 + vat for diagnostics...
    I'm off work this week so I went...
  5. 2009 c30 t5 se sport... Alarm system service required... Help please

    Hi I bought the car a few months ago and it had a message on the dash saying alarm service req...
    The car unlocked, locked and the alarm worked fine until Friday when a work mate told me the alarm...
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