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    Fanx they say..

    Just wanted to say thank you all very much for all the help and advice I have had and I haver enjoyed the 850R for 2 years now but it has just gone to a new home via the well known Auction web site...
  2. When I get a minute I'll put the old HT's back in...

    When I get a minute I'll put the old HT's back in and lets see if the misfire returns....??
  3. Remember the 850R Auto misfire just wouldn't go away??

    I tried everything new plugs new cat had it read...etc etc...
    Eventually I fixed it..and it could be one of two things
    I bought a set of El-cheapo Bosch HT leads specifically for the 850...oh yes,...
  4. Volvo 850R Auto..Just to bring everyone upto speed..LAMBDA ON ALL THE TIME

    So, I checked to vacuum pipes and re connected them and I changed the plugs and the distributor and leeads and I cleaned the MAF and I changed the Lambda and...IT all works absolutely fine..I think...
  5. VOLVO 850R Auto Tracing Vacuum Pipes the White one?

    Hi guys just going through everything now I wonder if anybody can help with correct connections of the White Pipes that seem to go into a valve Front right
    Just checking that this is connected...
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    I believe so, I found the clip post maf was loose...

    I believe so, I found the clip post maf was loose and tightened that the Lambda went out immediately, I have replaced the original 100 cell cat just to see if there is any difference..It is better...
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    Still struggling with the 850R

    She starts beautifully and ticks over can mooch along at motorway speeds no problem. Fuel consumption still the same .as you get to 3000rpm it stutters, like hitting a rev limiter on a...
  8. My understanding is that its as the experts...

    My understanding is that its as the experts say...knackered...
  9. Catalytic Converter temperature Volvo 850R

    OK,just got 30 minutes..took the car for a run and left it ticking over outside for 20 minutes or so.
    Temperature in front of the cat (nearest engine on the weld) 350 degrees
    Temperature at rear of...
  10. Thanks for that info...very helpful I have...

    Thanks for that info...very helpful I have ordered an infra red thermometer and will report back next week.
  11. To be honest that is my thought, but I would like...

    To be honest that is my thought, but I would like to know how to check that my Cat has actually failed before buying a new one?
    Any Ideas?
  12. No error codes.. definite feeling of heat from...

    No error codes.. definite feeling of heat from under the car to be honest, I have had a Lambda light on but it disappeared after around 200 miles (Fort William to Lancaster)
  13. Mysterious running problem 850R 1996 Help advice please as I said car ran a treat for 1500 miles recently in 4 days or so..then pulled out to overtake and at around 3000rpm it was like I'd hit a rev Limiter.
    Got home fine but felt that the engine...
  14. Assuming my Cat Is a DUD now what would the team recommend?

    It appears that the Cat has bitten the dust.
    It seems to be a race cat welded into the original pipes
    Joolz would know?
    It also seems to have collapsed, lots of rattling and rumbling together with...
  15. Ok Guys..Just covered 1600 miles in 4 days but....

    Coming out of Fort William this AM (350 miles to go) put foot down and sort of spluttery I've just hit a rev limiter type of feeling.
    Feels like its on 4 cylinders got some groany moany gratey...
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    Minor Temp problems 850R Help?

    I had a minor problem in that the lights flash for around 15 seconds ran a Volvo tester on it showed an abs sensor fault but nothing on climate control. My car ALWAYS had the temp gauge at around...
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    I'll check again icarsoft 906 reads climate...

    I'll check again icarsoft 906 reads climate control doesn't it? Maybe not.
    Interestingly...or not..since I have changed the sensor the temperature gauge settles at just over half way now rather than...
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    Done the code reader...nothing showing?

    Done the code reader...nothing showing?
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    Minor Temp problems 850R

    If I run with the air con on no problem fan cuts in
    If I run with the air con off sometimes the fan cuts in but other times not
    I have rigged a live direct from the battery
    I have replaced the...
  20. Temperature sensor 850R Clip Cant...ruzzin..tuzzin get it apart

    Ok guys I need help just bought a brand new temperature sensor and can I get the old one apart? NO
    I have pulled up the exterior clip but it refuses to there a knack?
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    volvo overheats unless air con is on?

    My mate Bobbie has an 850 and it is brilliant but it overheats at tickover unless the air conditioning is switched on?
    He's coming round tomorrow as he thinks that I know what I'm talking...
  22. Kumho weren't the cheapest option at 75 each......

    Kumho weren't the cheapest option at 75 each...

    I'd have liked Pirellis but they are nearer 150 each.

    I've gone for Uniroyal Rainsport 3...Lets hope they last better than yours They are the...
  23. Kumho Tyres 850R ...not so good...warning!

    I fitted a set of recommended Kumho tyres to the 850 R exactly 12 months ago, MOT time cometh so I removed the wheels to clean everything and the back of the Volans etc etc... to my surprise and the...
  24. 850R wagon tailgate lever (outside) not working?

    It has always needed a bit of a slam to get the tailgate to close but today..with a dog in the back...Basil...Cypriot Tripehound..Found in a dustbin..The outside lever goes up and down but has no...
  25. So....what I did was...remove everything and put...

    So....what I did was...remove everything and put it all back again...worked fine weird??
    Actually, when you've done it its not such a bad job, I could get the top dash off in an hour now and...
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