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What an absolutley fan-****ing-tastic site.
Finally a place where I can see that others
share my fear that the world as we know it is
being taken over by the alarmingly rapid
breeding pace of these vile, uneducated, stella
swigging, rat faced vermin. These servile little
cankers that have such little imagination that
there entire life revolves around finding cheap
lager, consuming it and then firing their inbred
seed into the overused womb of their cousin;
that only leaves the house to visit the social
in order to collect the terrifyingly large sum
of money she recieves in benefits for her 9 rat
faced progeny, all fathered by different
nameless individuals and all bearing the ugliest
monikers their imbicilic mother could drag from
her vacuous brain, the blood supply to which has
been hindered since birth by the enourmous
weight of gold plated crap that she hangs round
her unwashed neck.

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