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What type of riding do you do and what bike do you use.................

  1. Santa
    As the title says, what type of riding do you enjoy doing and what bike do you use.

    I enjoy cross country riding mostly though do a little road/path/tarmac. I use a Mongoose Otero Elite (2008) as its my only bike. (Which I bought off Emlyn).

    I will admit the bike is in need of service currently with much reduced brakeforce.

  2. Immingham
    I've got a couple of bikes, an Orange patriot for downhilling (don't use it much as falling off hurts!) and a Jamis Durango sport hard tail for xc..
  3. seadog850r
    i work part time in my local bike shop so my fleet of bikes is ever expanding and changing!

    currently - cotic bfe hardtail used for everything from x/c to dh
    cotic roadrat, perfect for commuting and gettin around town
    electra rockabilly cruiser, mostly for looking cool going to the shops
    lemond roadbike, converted to hipster spec fixed wheel, no brakes, upside down bars etc etc
    1920's raleigh townbike with push rod brakes, next on the list for a full resto
    transition dirtbag freeride frame and norco a line dh frame, cant decide what to do with them!
    oh and a couple unicycles

    me and friends have been doing some more enduro/dh races this past year so i just put in an order for a new carbon lapierre spicy, not here till january tho.
  4. 1112lewis
    I currently have a Commencal meta 5.5 vip! awesopme bike, good for everything!
  5. Brett855tdi
    Nice topic

    I ride a custom (of course) 2012 Onza pro

    Yes it is a funny place to keep it, but my place is cramped to say the least

    And yes i know it doesn't have a seat, i use the bike to make a decent workout entertaining.
    Great thing is i can chuck it on the back seats of the C and take it anywhere, i usually go for an urban/industrial course rather than on the rocks.

    soon to follow will be alloy stem, bars and forks to loose to weight and maybe drilled rims if i can find the ones i want

    If this is of help to anyone i have hydraulic brakes and parts for sale pm for info
  6. merc85
    Into Road cycling although winter weather has disrupted my regeme, doing around 30 miles during the week after work, and around 20-30miles on a sunday.

    This is my current bike, Moser Speed sora
  7. MVR
    Love my mountain biking!!

    I'm into trail riding, abit of DH and some XC

    Here's my ride, started off as a budget build but as got abit out of hand now!!!!!!

  8. S40kieran
    I've got two a full Susser and a 19inch hard tail pics to come tommorow
  9. S40kieran
    my full Susser and my hard tail which is a pleasure to ride
  10. jdavis
    This is mine
    Cube Ltd pro 29er
  11. merc85
    This is miy beasty lol
  12. MVR
    Nice Cube!!!!

    Little video of a local trail section
  13. S40kieran
    I don't do as much riding as I'd like but the 29 inch wheels are a dream very smooth and fast, I need to stop working and indulge in my hobbies a bit more I've got a kayak aswell. Ahhh well such as life
  14. MVR
    I'll stick to my old skool 26 tempted to get a newer Marin with 650b's tho. Heard mixed reviews about 29ers and for me the wheels are just too big
  15. jdavis
    The 29er is great for racking up the miles down trails or on the road, doesn't have the chuckability of a 26 though. I'm still getting used to it. Overall its good though.
  16. S40kieran
    Jdavis I like the 29er as you say they munch the miles up with ease and are faster and smoother, bit strange at first because you sit quite high lol. Mine was a halfrauds bargain 100 I think it was in a sale so I snapped it up its nice and light aswell
  17. jonboy21t
    I ride a Cube Sting's a lovely ride & replaced my much used Marin Rocksprings - i fancied a change & test rode a few bikes & loved the 29" smooth & effortless cross country & on big climbs...
    It has sus settings:
    Climb: lock out for climbs & tarmac cruising
    Cross country: trail riding, bridleways, byways etc.......(i use this setting 99% of the time)
    Descent: full on for down hilling be honest - i don't go crazy as i'm over 40 & could do with out any broken bones etc....
    A Saturday morning ride for me is 25 miles, cross country on trails & byways.....i love it..!!

    ps....i can't seem to upload a photo on this page.......:-(
  18. mike 850
    mike 850
    I mainly do road biking with this

    But have a voodo Bantu MTB too, did a 20 mile trail ride on it tonight
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