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New Group for discussing this feature

  1. Santa
    I've created this group to share ideas on making the groups section better. Any ideas?
  2. Dangerous Dave
    Dangerous Dave
    How about a group calendar?
  3. MoleT-5R
    fun that, we were just discussing this, this afternoon. The main thing that came up was, could we get the notifications bar to light up if a there is a new post in discussions of the groups that your a member of, so you know straight away that there is something there for you to read and hopefully comment on
  4. MoleT-5R
    group calendar could be good and could it link into the main calendar, so when planing thing we can easily see what else is going on so we don't clash
  5. Dangerous Dave
    Dangerous Dave
    Fair point, will see what we can come up with
  6. MoleT-5R
    Think it would help to get people using group discussions
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