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Cycling accidents!

  1. Santa
    Come on, share those cycling accidents

    I've had a few minor scuffs etc (falling off, sliding, going off cliffs), though I did once break my arm by mis-judging a curl and hitting some steal railings. I've also managed to hit a 4x4 (Mitsubishi Shogun) whilst riding down hill. (Pulled out of a drive, I went into the side). To add to that I've also had a frame split in half on me. (I can't actually remember anything I was that concussed).
  2. Immingham
    Hit a park bench whilst up in the peak district snapped my collar bone and pulled my little finger out of socket.. that was an interesting crawl back to the car and then a very interesting drive back.....
  3. seadog850r
    where do i start....

    road biking - been knocked off a few times by people and cars mostly cosmetic damage to myself and the bikes, quite lucky really!

    mtb'ing - worst one being landing on my head at high speed on the DH bike after going over the bars and stopping dead against a rock, torn muscle and soft tissue in my neck and shoulders. quite lucky really! torn tendons in both ankles trying a 20ft drop, the drive home after was agony. broken/ fractured fingers, cracked ribs plus lots of other scrapes/bumps and cuts. i like to think of the scars as little reminders that i was always trying my best.
  4. Santa
    Ouch guys!
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