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Conversation Between Dangerous Dave and Hesketh

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  1. My dads had an accident in his AWD, some old lady went into the side of it, only at 5mph, but it dented the door and bent the top of it out. So through the two weeks of snow we had, my dad had a crappy automatic vauxhall corsa courtesy car LMAO. All sorted now with a new door, looks good.

    Not sure when we're up next, money is really tight at the mo. Might be sometime in April or towards the summer months.
  2. Ok thanks Dave. The T5 got side swiped by some sloan ranger is a 4*4. Wing.driver's door,damage to o/s/r door and o/s/r arch. 750 to put right. Gettin it back tomorrow. When you up here?
  3. I'm good matey, just stuck in a rut at the moment, same old .

    How about you, how things?
  4. How you doin' Dave?
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