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Conversation Between Cubes and CheekyMonkey

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  1. Aww hope things get better soon mate, yeah just give me a shout if u see me online u will probably beat me at the bowling tho im rubbish x
  2. Struggled a bit to find this conversation. Thought I'd lost it down the back of the sofa or something. Having a bit of a rough ride of things of late, hence my infrequent visits to VPC. But I'm ok, coz things like this are all 'character building' - or so they keep telling me. They have a lot to say, don't they...
    We should go bowling some time - facebook! Get yourself down the alley with me, so to speak! Q x
  3. Yay, i like the buddy system lol all is good thanks, how about u? x
  4. You're my first buddy since the re-opening - yay!!
    Hope all is well with you x
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