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Conversation Between Tomcat and Vikingxl

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  1. Oh hello stranger... Thought you weren't talking?
  2. Wakey wakey
  3. Good good just see that you do lol
  4. Lmao...sorry oh mighty master, I will endevour to crawl back into my pit post haste for you.
  5. Hurry up and get your saggy old ass well again i have some mirrors for you to wave your magic wand over sat here
  6. Whatsup wit you ?, get back in there ya daft bugger.
  7. Lmfao what can i say banned by barbosa
  8. Not really im prerty busy to be honest but hadnt seen that piccy in a while
  9. Lmao...Cheers Rich, take it you've been bored today..
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ipv6 ready