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  1. Got mine from Braydons Volvo in London. There's a box on ebay at the moment, but its 300.
  2. Thanks for that. Going to look at it Friday on ramp

    Where did you get gearbox from?

    I will let you know outcome of our findings
  3. Hiya matey,

    You need to look at the whole train starting from the gearbox output, unbolt the angle gear and check the splines,then check the angle gear for play, then check the propshaft cv joints and centre bearing. Not sure how to check the viscous coupling, but I've not yet seen anyone with one that has gone, and the rear diff is off a 960, so there shouldn't be anything wrong with that unless the oil has drained out of it.

    My problem was with the output shaft from the gearbox. The splines on it had stripped and also on the connecting sleeve. My angle gear is spot on with no play in it, so that wasn't the problem.

    I sourced a second hand gearbox from a place in london, cost me 200, and I bought a new connecting sleeve for 80 from Rufe. I spent 3 days taking the engine out and swapping the gearbox out, but that was because there were a few problems.

    See my thread here

    Good luck with it and give us a shout if you get stuck
  4. Hi Bomb 192Uk

    I am sure I recall you loosing rear wheel drive on your awd. Mine has gone same way, i gues either torque tube or splines on gearboc. What did you do, how much time and how much cash. Did you have to replace angle gerar and did you do yourself

    One keen but looks like pooreer v70 r awd owner!

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