View Full Version : Ring Mini

Monday 24th April 2006, 19:48
Some decent in car action from a Honda Powered Mini Van.


t5 stealth
Monday 24th April 2006, 20:19
i hate minis but i gota say that quite impressive,
looks very good fun in a dinky toy.
he dont hang around

Tuesday 25th April 2006, 22:17
that does not look safe at all

wacky racer
Tuesday 25th April 2006, 22:38
If he fly's off the road, there wont be much left of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 25th April 2006, 22:40
deffo not would need sandwich bags rather than a body bag

Tuesday 25th April 2006, 22:55
made all them bikers look pants tho eh

Thursday 27th April 2006, 19:17
awesome, i love driving my mini, and i'd love to have the drive in drive out v-tec conversion done but the lack of 7k kind of doesn't help

The Flying Banana
Thursday 27th April 2006, 19:35
This guy is a legend ...see his kart with GSX thou engine in it aswell!! Must have balls of steel ..arm on the window , flat out on bends and flicks it sideway etc ..a star!!! see the mini in the picture..he is sideways looking for his pic to be taken!!!LOL