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Sunday 20th March 2005, 06:26
Or rather not I should say. My drivers heated seat is the electronic one with a memory and I noticed the red wire has become detached to the base heater. It hasn't worked since buying the car a few months ago. It is a 855 T5. Is it much of a job to solder the wire back? It looks like a seat out job but I am a little worried about the pyrotechnic unit for the airbag. Do I have to disconnect the battery or can I just unplug the seat to take it out? At work we don't bother disconnecting batteries when we work on roof linings with airbags so I just wondered if I could pop the safety clip on and unplug it?

Sunday 20th March 2005, 07:40
Hi Mailee is that the wire that disappears (normally) into the centre of the seat base underneath? If so, stick your fingers in the hole and gently pull the thermostat out (its only held by the foam in the base) redo the connection and put it back. Its a bit fiddly but better than taking the seat out.
Did i spot you in Sainsburys yesterday afternoon (saturday) ?

Sunday 20th March 2005, 08:35
Hi Jack, Yes it is that wire. Great, thanks for that, I will give it a try. Yes you probably did spot me in Sainsbury's on Saturday. (White T5 estate) Was I with a Chinese woman and boy? If so that was me doing the weekly shopping. I didn't notice you though and I usually keep my eye open for other T5 owners.

Wobbly Dave
Sunday 20th March 2005, 09:33
You don't have to take the seat out completely either. you can unbolt it and then get into the back and lean the whole lot against the steering wheel.

Thats how I did mine.

Tuesday 22nd March 2005, 10:22
Well thanks JackT5 and Dave850R. I now have that wet pants feeling again. I managed to tilt the seat forward like you said and the thermostat took some getting out. i found it a pain trying to get my fingers up into the hole in the sponge around the motors for the seat. Took me around about an hour in total and it was the wire off the spade connector which I replaced. Works great now. Surprisingly it hadn't been working for some time as on one of it's early services a heater pad had been ordered at the dealer for it. I have no idea why it was never fitted though. Just goes to show they would probably have fitted the heater pad and charged for it too! Thanks again guys, we are lucky to have this forum with help like this. :hail:

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 22nd March 2005, 10:28
Glad I could be of some help. As I remember I crimped on new connectors at the break without taking the t-stat out. I am glad you have it fixed. :B_steerin