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Saturday 19th March 2005, 20:44
Hi all! Im having a little problem, hopefully someone can help me out!
I have a 99 s70 t5, and things have been great, but i noticed my digital thermometer (outside thermometer)on the dash seemed to suddenly be reading higher temp than normal, eg, i can come home from work(3 mile drive) park up overnite, start her up the next morning and it reading 14 degrees celsius?!?! its 5am, bit warm i think?? if i sit in traffic it can go up to about 20-30 degrees celsius! Any ideas why?
Thanx, Don

Saturday 19th March 2005, 21:21
HI THERE It says in the manual that temp from engine and exhaust can affect ambient temp when intraffic or stopped manuals make good toilet reading hope this helps RICH

Sunday 20th March 2005, 12:28
Could be the sensor, (not sure where it is, but on my 480 it was behind the front bumper), or a poor connection to it. When it happened on the 480, it was corrosion on the terminals. It works by measuring resistance, so any increase in resistance will make it inaccurate. If it's reading high on a cold car, it won't be to do with heat from the engine.
Cheers, Chris.