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Wednesday 16th March 2005, 11:53
Before I get jumped on (not what you think if you're a Yank reading this :eye-poppi ), I understand that 850's will innevitably have stone chips with the number of miles under its cambelt, but...

Does anyone have some sure fire tips on improving/hiding the stone chips on the nose?

The previous owner has tried to use a colour pen on a ding near the fuel cap and it looks poor.

Wednesday 16th March 2005, 12:41
Depends on colour - mine is black, and Simoniz black polish works a treat! Before it just highlighted the chips using ordinary "white" polish.
Simoniz black polish is also very good on dark plastic trims too! - i.e. bumper inserts etc.

Wednesday 16th March 2005, 13:08
Red red red - glorious 850R red...

Wednesday 16th March 2005, 17:05
tip-ex on mine. No - halfords do a repair kit - match the colour, fill with the undercoat pen, leave to dry and then go over with the top coat (polar white in my case). Not brill, but if done right - should get a decent finish.

Wednesday 16th March 2005, 17:26
I had mine sorted by the local Chips Away franchise holder. I am told that these can vary widely in ability but the guy who did mine made a great job of it.

Came to my work place, had heaters, pavillion/tent to work under so weather not an issue. Charged 67 including a few other minor items around the car, paint in the gun so I suppose there is no set up issue.

I canvassed my workmates and got a number of people lined up so it was well worth his while. Maybe you could do the same? Or maybe something could be arranged at a meet if enough people were interested.

Wednesday 16th March 2005, 17:29
Use full strength paint for the vehicle and dab the paint into the chip after cleaning it. Use a piece of masking tape folded to a point and apply one drop at a time. Once close to the hight of the surrounding paintwork top off with the laquer. By this point it should be just proud of the surrounding paint. Allow it to dry overnight if possible or force dry with heat but allow a couple of hours. Take some 1600 to 2000 wet n dry paper and using a small rubber block (an old bonnet bump stop is good) nib down the touch in with plenty of water. Now use some cutting compound to 'polish' the area and bring back the shine. Jobs a good un! I know it is a lot of work but it is worth it beleive me.