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Monday 14th March 2005, 00:31
Hi Guys,Just got back from Cricklade,Had a good run out in the T5 ,
Had lots of play,Many cars i had to show who was boss :dgrin:
Saw loads of Volvo's a yellow T5r was the best of the day heading West bound M4 Reading around 3.30 pm,
Best run of the day one of two,Chased said BMW in fast lane from 80-125 with small air leak ?
Then S40 came up behind me astro speed i slipped it into 4th so traffic cleared booted it changed up at 120 and he was a dot in my mirror,
Car had a bit of a hiccup,
Car is boosting to over 20 psi,But when i am booting it i get a Phissing noise from inside the cabin,So i stop at Reading services and rip out the boost gauge housing because i thought it was coming from there,No noise as my co pilot informed me,
Went back on the M4 same again seems it is definitely in the cabin but car is still boosting no light is coming on,Could it just be boosting a little too much for the piping as i connected the small bore Boost piping into Silicone hose with Silicone sealant,or there might be a small kink in the piping?
I will take the gauge off the tree in a couple of days time,and see it if still does it,Or just replace the piping in the cabin,
Car goes very well now,Those new plugs are working a treat,
Missus said to me "What is the fastest average car" :eek: ,That you don't have to be a millionaire to buy one :shifty: I said T5s are quite good :worship:
Anyway lads and lasses won't see you for a day or 2 off to Hospital in the morning to have the Stainless fixtures removed from my hip,Hope they let me keep them,then i'll post a pic,


Wobbly Dave
Monday 14th March 2005, 00:44
Get well soon Gary.

Monday 14th March 2005, 08:52
Good luck Gary - hope you'll be back in the drivers seat in no time!


Sunday 20th March 2005, 17:05
Hi Lads and lasses,Back now,But in a hell of a lot of pain,Got a 7 inch gash down my left leg,Can hardly wallk with the aid of a crutch :grumpy:,They kept me in for a few days,As i had too much Morphine and my blood pressure was low,Any medics here know 93/54 Blood pressure means?
I'll try and get to Avon Park But its only 13 days away,So fingers crossed,now i wish i had a Auto :ices_rofl,
Hopsital said no to keeping the fixtures :shockedbi said they don't do that anymore,Well see you all around,

Thanks for all the get wells,


Sunday 20th March 2005, 19:46
93/54, is a tad low lol.

Not sure how bad it is, Jacqs the medical one but from convos in the past about her work etc, thats pretty low, bet you felt like a million bucks with all that morphine though :)


Sunday 20th March 2005, 23:49
Even with the auto, are you fit to drive (with all those pain killers) ? Anyway, get well soon.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 21st March 2005, 00:06
Well I am glad you made it ok. I am sure that it will be worth it in the long run.

Get well soon Gary!

In the mean time, here are some funky bananas

:funkybana :funkybana :funkybana :funkybana

Monday 21st March 2005, 00:25
Thanks lads,The nurses said it was low as well,But in the end they let me go home,
Car has been sat outside for a week now not even started up :yikes: what a waste,
Will be in bed now for a few days with a little physio in between,
Got me new A pillar holder and 3 metres of silicone hose,So can't wait to get started on the car :eclipsee_