View Full Version : Mailee's oil leak, surprise

Sunday 13th March 2005, 13:24
hi again guys, especially bracer. I had a look under the car today and gave it a good clean to get rid of all the oil under there. I found the leak at last and it was quite a surprise to say the least! on the offside rear corner of the sump is a plastic pipe that runs from the rear of the car to a cannister under the nearside front wing? Not sure what it is but it is small bore plastic and supposed to be in clips around the subframe before it goes over the driveshaft and onto the rear. It had rubbed a hole in the sump on the corner and there wasn't even a mark on the pipe! I have cleaned the area and put some metal weld cement on the hole hoping this will do the trick. The leak was just a drip but had made quite a mess. I clipped the pipe back into it's carriers and even cable tied it to be on the safe side. I am glad to say that the other areas look oil tight but I still need to clean the rear of the car as this is also covered in oil around the tank. I will keep you posted as to the repair. Thanks for the input Bracer. Not heard of this one on the forums before, worth checking in future. :wink:

Monday 14th March 2005, 10:44
Well done buddy for tracking it down, oil leaks are such a pain as they make such a mess and make it really hard to find the sorce. Glad you got it sorted thou :wink: