View Full Version : serious car crash

Monday 20th March 2006, 15:04
watch the bloke on the left crossing the road...not for the faint hearted


Monday 20th March 2006, 15:16
Damn, that didn't looks nice !

dicky b t5
Monday 20th March 2006, 15:57
HOW Unlucky was he....that must have killed him. :jaw:

Monday 20th March 2006, 16:04
Having watched it i read some of the comments below the video turns out the guy lives and gets fined for crossing on what we would call a red man at a pedestrian crossing sounds about right for the yanks



Tuesday 21st March 2006, 11:41
Seen this before, a while ago. According to the info i read, yes, the guy survived because of the dent in the side of the car. He was kept slightly shielded because of it, and yes, he was done for "jay walking" The old girl who caused the crash didnt even see the lights :jaw: