View Full Version : How to disarm imobiliser 850 phase 2

Jod T5
Monday 13th March 2006, 17:50
Imagine the scenario, early morning, slightly heavy hair and off to football, come downstairs, now where are the keys........lovely black lab staring at me with my volvo keyring faintly poking out from those happy jaws, fought the dog and upon the rescue of my ONLY set of keys and fob i realised....the fob is ££££ed. walked to the car pressed the button and......nothing...what to do, i know ...the website. now there are several conflicting opinions on this subject so to clarify the matter here is a simple how to do which works on my phase 2 855 n plate with a factory fitted volvo alarm
step 1, insert key and open door, alarm goes off
step 2, flick bonnet and remove audiable alarm plug
Step 3 remove fuse no 6, this will stop the alarm sounding, it will also disable the cental locking
Step 4 remove fuse no 16, this will diactivate the imobiliser
Wait for 15 seconds
Step 5 replace fuse no 16. The imobilised will be permanently disarmed and will not be activated by the key (i only have a service key)
Step 6 replace fuse 6 so central locking works
Step 7 reconnect the audiable alarm
simple as that
when you do get a new fob you can reprogram it as follow
Step 1 turn ignition on and off 5 times do not start the engine
Step 2 the alarm activated light will illuminate by flashing quickly
Step 3 Hit the lock/unlock button on your fob and the flashing light will glow continuousy, during the ten seconds or so that the light flashes you must program any fobs that you wish the receiver to recognise up to a maximum of three or four