View Full Version : 225x45x17 rubs inner arch?

Thursday 10th March 2005, 10:26
Hi, Just bought some 17" R twisted 5 spoke alloys for my V70 T5 (P-Reg) Not fitted them yet will be doing so on the weekend. The tire on them are 225/45, will these fit the V70 ok and not rub on the inner arches?

Has anybody else got this size tire?


Thursday 10th March 2005, 10:52
You might have a slight rub on full lock but nothing to worry about :wink:

Thursday 10th March 2005, 12:50

yep I have 225x45x17 on c70 GT alloys with stock suspension, and as Bracer rightly points out get a very slight rub on the fronts on full lock only, no probs on the rear.