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Sunday 6th March 2005, 16:29
Hi guys, can anyone help me with my oil leak? I have replaced the oil cap seal and the breather pipe so I know it is not from here. I have a drip from the offside of the engine and it appears to be from just in front of the 'ring' on the offside of the subframe. It drips when the engine is not running and uses about 1/2 litre a week. I have no ramps or jack to get underneath and ramp time is limited for me. The bottom of the subframe/car is covered in it of course so there is no indication there. i can see the drips hitting the floor and it appears to be from the front (offside) of the engine. Any suggestions anyone?

Thursday 21st July 2005, 10:42
Could be the oil pressure switch, this is located on the front of the engine below the inlet manifold. when they leak oil runs down the front of the engine, and from there goes everywhere. Including the drive shafts, which flicks oil up onto the rear of the engine! (making it very difficult to pin point the leak!)

Friday 22nd July 2005, 16:52

Turbo Oil return pipe maybe!. Just a guess

Friday 22nd July 2005, 17:05
Sounds like the cam oil seal!!!