View Full Version : JAMMED & LOCKED GLOVE BOX !!!

Sunday 6th March 2005, 13:02
ERRM ? Anyone got any idea's on how to get in to the glove box when its locked and the key does nothing ! The key goes in - and turns freely from one position to the other . It doesn't feel like the key is actually moving anything inside though ! the handle is a bit vague too !
DARN !! Its got mee best Kenny Rodgers and Tammie winnit CD's in too !!


Sunday 6th March 2005, 13:14
Big screwdriver and force the catch im afraid, i had to do mine last year. About 30 from Volvo for a new mechanism :(

Pedro Fandango
Sunday 6th March 2005, 13:17
don't do like me & wreck the glovedoor in the process because they're about 60

Sunday 6th March 2005, 15:07
Before you smash everthing up try this....

Get under your dashboard and you'll just about see the bottom screws of the glove box face. With quite a bit of pressure you can get a screwdriver onto them.
Undo these screws and with very careful pressure you can lever the face of the glove box out enough to see.

Now comes the tricky part with a long screwdriver you've got to play with the mechanism. This part took me about 2hours to do but it did come aparteventually.

All I can say is try it......... and if all else fails then enjoy your destruction

Sunday 6th March 2005, 15:12
p.s. - I don't think it mattered that if the box was locked as the bit that was broken was the locking pin

Sunday 6th March 2005, 17:52
I shall try all of that tomorrow . Along with sorting a misfire at 5000rpm !!!!
I aint having a gud weekend !!