View Full Version : 205 or 215 /45 for the 17R's

Friday 4th March 2005, 23:58
805R requires new hooves. Got good contacts from my friendly neighbourhood super heroes but I'm thinking about a bit of rim protection.

Is it possible to run 215's on an 805R? Volvo recommend 205 only.

My current choice on 205's is:
Falkens at 68 all-in
Yoko Onos at 75
Dunlops at about 85
BF goodridges at 76

Saturday 5th March 2005, 00:02
I have always run 215's on my 17" titans with no problems, current faves are Kumho 215/40/17, the rim protector isnt bad but they tyres are awesome, grippy, even in the wet and they are oem on Porsche, TVR next year to name a few, a reall good all rounder and cheap too. I paid 65 a corner :)

Saturday 5th March 2005, 00:24
i put Kumho on the rear of my 940 turbo when i had it for the price the stick like s**t to a blanket was well impressed

Saturday 5th March 2005, 00:26
I honestly cannot fault them, and im a fussy git :)

Wobbly Dave
Saturday 5th March 2005, 04:19
I am running 215/45/R17 - Vredestein Ultracs - which are excellent