View Full Version : my 850 is cold! heater down?

the dude
Friday 4th March 2005, 22:44
help!? my 93 850 2.0 20v (sorry no t5..yet!) the heater is only blowing cold air? the temp gauge seem's to be ok? not running cold.. and all the speeds (1to4) are fine.. i'm going to fit a new thermostat over the weekend to see if this helps? i just wonder if any one else has had this problem??

Saturday 5th March 2005, 18:37
Just a guess Air block/pocket, ignore me if u alredy had a look im not sure cos ive never done this myself but most cars have bleed valves around the cooling system! :)

Saturday 5th March 2005, 23:40
Has the anti-freeze been changed regularly and maintained because if not corrosion from inside the waterways can find its way into the heater matrix and block it up. Feel the heater pipes that run through the bulkhead to make sure they are both hot, if not you could try removing them and back flushing the matrix to flush out the crud.

Sunday 6th March 2005, 04:22
Check the level of the coolant. It may be running low. I've seen another car divert all the coolant to keeping the engine cool (priority pump) rather than pumping it through the heater matrix to warm air.