View Full Version : Lambda Light

Friday 4th March 2005, 08:18
On my way in to work this morning the lambda light came on. Not having the manual with me, i am a bit worried to drive it home as I can't remember what it means. Looks as though I will need to get the fault code read, but being a 96 854 T5, it needs a seperate OBDII thing, which I assume means a trip to a volvo dealer? Anyone have any ideas as to the cause, and if it will be ok to drive it home later? Many thanks in advance. Nik

Friday 4th March 2005, 08:35
Just had a thought. I am changing the thermostat this weekend, as it appears to have failed open. Temperature gauge sits at 3 o'clock in traffic and drops right down when on the motorway. As most of my journey in this morning was at about 60-70mph and the outside temp is about -1 deg, could it be that the low coolant temp is keeping the fuel mixture rich, and thus putting the air/fuel mixture outside the working limits of the cat? They only have a small tolerance for deviation away from stoichiometric before they become defunct, don't they? Or is that far too cheap a solution!!