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Thursday 2nd February 2006, 11:39
Does anyone know the part number for the clutch release bearing on my 1997 S70????

Is it 8667661 perchance?????

I need mine replaceing.

BTW, has anyone had their clutch replaced, and how much does it cost???



Thursday 2nd February 2006, 12:42
Not exactly sure how much fitting will cost, 300 maybe?

You will need either a T5 or 850R clutch kit (850R assuming you have a single mass flywheel), cost of T5 is around 110, the 850R is around 150.

Thursday 2nd February 2006, 12:49

Thursday 2nd February 2006, 14:00
eurocarparts half the price of volvo for clutch relese baring

Thursday 2nd February 2006, 14:07
There are 2 bearings for the 70 series though, take a look at the PFVO link above, one is 20, all depends what year you have.

Just realised Liddo wanted the later type. TBH i wouldnt get anything but genuine Volvo or equivalent quality, you dont want to be changing a release bearing every couple of years.

Thursday 2nd February 2006, 14:21

Cheers Simon, JUST what i was looking for :B_thumb:

Cheers for all the other replies guys. Was thinking of selling her, but because Ive spent a few bob on the engine, a T5 prices are rock bottom, I cant think of other car that'll fill her boots, apart from a V70R that is ;)

Friday 3rd February 2006, 20:41
if yours is a S70 1997 model (as you said above) then that is NOT the type you require. the part number you have given is for the later type, with the slave cylinder and thrust bearing all in one, but the type you need is the bearing only, part number 9181780

by the way, if you are unsure whether you have a 1997 (9181780) or 1998 (8667661) model (not necessarily going to be the year it was registered) check out this thread: click here..... (http://www.volvot5.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=3876)

hope that helps

Friday 3rd February 2006, 21:03
If its the later type, theres one on ebay going cheap at the moment!!!

Friday 3rd February 2006, 23:13
I have one here for sale brand new, that i bought and mine was the later one,
make us a offer mate,