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Monday 30th January 2006, 16:51
Well had the car since early December 2005. Suspension uprated front and back using Wobbly Daves, Strut brace fitted, full service inc platinum plugs, new cam belt, auto box fluid changed, P6000 on front and last but not least Reca 310bhp upgrade by Hamish and Adam at VT. Everything done to the car made an improvement, the Rica being the most noticable! and even increased the mpg from 21 to 23, most impressed. No mods done to exhaust or brakes but they seem to be fine. Car is seriously impressive now, overtakes in the blink of an eye and has Impreza drivers looking somewhat puzzled as they stay firmly in your rear view mirror, not bad for an old mans leather armchair on wheels. I live in the Mansfield area so if anybody close would be happy to meet up for a pint.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 30th January 2006, 16:58
I am pleased it is going so well for you. If you feel like stretching her legs we usually meet over in Halesowen on a Monday night? Otherwise it is likely that we'll be off for a Meal in Ansty quite soon. (nr Coventry).

Miltec or TME, LongLife cat back (depending on your preferred noise levels) next?

As far as brakes go - best VFM solution for them is a set of Ferodo DS2500 pads for the front IMHO. Superb fast road pads.

Monday 30th January 2006, 17:03
Hi Dave, Will upgrade exhaust and brakes when they require replacing, they seem to be coping okay so far. Your Monday night meet a little far for a pint! see you somewhere during the year.

Wobbly Dave
Monday 30th January 2006, 17:07
I am sure the East Mids lot will have a gathering soon nr Notts. I may even come up!

Monday 30th January 2006, 17:09
Your first pints on me for the deal on the suspension

Monday 30th January 2006, 17:52
Your S70 sounds good , Im just down the road so hopefully we can meet up soon.

Monday 30th January 2006, 18:03
Next Tuesday as Dave suggested is fine, let me have directions and time over the next week, I can lend you a tent for Dave if need be!

Monday 30th January 2006, 18:12
Nice one John it is good to see modded T5 cars :)


Tuesday 31st January 2006, 06:28
car sounds sweet mate and very fast..

Wednesday 1st February 2006, 03:01
Hi John, I thought that it was my own story i was reading there.
I picked up an S70 T5 in December. Completetly stock...for 3 weeks!
Have had TME chip upgrade, 2.5' stainless cat back exshuast, Intake filter, lowering springs and 17' alloys and new black Grille, waiting on paint job for headlight eyebrows. (in 3 weeks)
Did everything myself except chip update.

Have got Timing belt to do yet, just working up motivation to tackle it.
Cars going great, have yet to see how it fairs against mates Gen 3 5.7 ltr V8 car.
I'll post photo once i get the eyebrows on.
The stock exshaust is 2.5' anyway, it's just that middle muffler (the one that looks like a fuel tank!) that will cause a bit of restriction, the rear is a straight through baffel type, so it's not a bad system from the factory.
I want to organise a dyno run so that will give you a good idea on the differance an exshaust can make.
Have fun. Thomo

Wednesday 1st February 2006, 09:51
Exhausts and performance filters, you never know if they are worth the extra money, let me know when you have been dyno,d. I need some paintwork, but it will have to wait till funds available, Speed and Handling first, cosmetics second!