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Wednesday 25th January 2006, 17:06

just wondering if anyone has tried the Bosch "Tailor Made" wiper range for the S60 (also do them for the S80)?

I ordered new Bosch Super Plus wipers from partsforvolvos.co.uk as mine are streaking something awful. When I came to change them, yesterday I noticed that the original passenger side wiper on the car is curved slightly upwards at one end.
(No real complaints regarding the new set though, clip was missing from one of them and PFV sent one out straight away and I got it today - good service - thanks!)

Anyway, I did a bit of digging and found out about the "Tailor Made" range which is supposed to be shaped according to the windscreen, which might explain why I had the curved wipers on there.
The curve means that as the left wiper comes over to the driver's side, it sweeps wider, so more of the driver's side gets a "double wipe".

Does anyone else have the curved passenger side wiper? And has anyone used the Tailor Made ones or know where to get them?


Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:17
out of curiousity, how much did the non genuine wiper blades cost you?

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:24
out of curiousity, how much did the non genuine wiper blades cost you?

not a lot, Bosch Super Plus SP22 and SP24S were 8.47 and 10.74 respectively.
I also go replacement headlight wipers as they were a bit rough too.

I can't find anywhere that sells the unique fit bosch blades, so I don't know how much more they are (assuming they would be).

dicky b t5
Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:28
If i remember rightly, i bought a set of 3 Bosch wipers from Halfrauds and they cost about 25 for the 3......Not bad wipers either..!

Are genuine Volvo blades any better...? How much...?

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:32
i think the pair of front genuine ones would be about 25 including vat, and the rear would be around 15 including Vat (not applicable to the S60 of course). it is more, but you will get the right fit, first time, including the odd shape of the passenger side one, and the spoiler on the drivers side.

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:41
Well, as the missing clip arrived today, I haven't tried out the new wipers yet. And it hasn't been raining at all, so I won't know how good they are.
(Didn't want to risk using the clip from the old wiper incase I break it whilst trying to remove it - and then I'd be left with no wiper!)

I used to put Bosch wipers on my Mondeo and they've always performed well - no judders or anything. So I'm not expecting any difference in how well they clear the water. The driver's side has the spoiler too and they are exactly the same size.

More interested in the difference the curve might make and / or whether the Tailor Made Bosch wipers are curved or are any better than the genuine Volvo ones.

Anyone know who supplies the Volvo branded wipers?

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:44
no i honestly dont sorry mate, they all come in volvo boxes, with no markings on them to give it away. i will take a closer look in the monring though, to see if there are any clues as to who makes them for volvo.

i have used bosche blades on mine in the past too, and not had a problem i will say, though since i found that i could buy the genuine vauxhall ones for about 2 each from the dealers (handy knowing the parts boys i suppose) i have allways got them from them.

Wednesday 25th January 2006, 22:55

I guess it's all who you know :wink:

Assume you work for a Volvo dealer in the Big Country? I know it quite well, I was born there. (The country, not at the dealer).

My car came from a dealer in Cardiff, although I bought it through the Reading dealer.

At least I'll be able to get to work without using up most of the washer fluid to compensate for my old wipers.