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Friday 20th January 2006, 10:38
How much oil do I need when I change the oil on the S60 D5 ?

It'll be done by Volvo, but I shall supply the oil as they wish to charge me.....

79.40 for the oil alone!!

(I can get 10 litres of the same stuff (Mobil 1 5w40 for TD) for 40 !

Friday 20th January 2006, 10:42
5 litres should do it - but your owners manual should have the info in it.

Are there no specialists around your area ?

Friday 20th January 2006, 10:48
Are there no specialists around your area ?

Didn't think to look at the owners manual! D'oh! :slap:

I do have specialists in the area, but they are all out in the middle of nowhere and won't let me have a courtesy car because I'm too young (!). Means I need to have another car come up with me to pick me up, or I have to wait around in a village-that-time-forgot for the entire day. Volvo main dealers let me take one of their cars for about 10, or they're centrally located so I can use the bus/train/get someone to pick me up service if I have to!

My plan is to have it serviced at the Volvo main stealers once a year (or 12k miles) and have it checked over (minor service & oil change) once a year by either SW Autos or my local specialist. That way it gets seen to every 6 months on a rolling basis with the benifits of full Volvo service history but local specialists knowledge! :)

Friday 20th January 2006, 10:52
Good plan - that man :D

Sunday 22nd January 2006, 21:29
6.7 litres and it MUST be 0w30 fully syn.

Tuesday 24th January 2006, 12:00
According to my database it's 5.8L, seems dear, you could buy a race oil for that!


Tuesday 24th January 2006, 13:25
5.8 litres is for petrol models.

6.7 for d5