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Saturday 26th February 2005, 12:10
Has anyone any idea how easy it is to remover the drivers door panel?
Reason I am asking is that the door stay is making a noise when opening/closing door, and one of the bolts is loose.
Will get round to it once weather dries up.

Saturday 26th February 2005, 13:41
If its the 850 yes its dead easy, remove the leather of cloth card that sits above the handle, undo the screws, take the handle off the door opener on the inside by pulling it upwards, carefully remove the speaker grill and undo the screws, then undo the last few along the bottom of the door, gently prise the panel off the clips its held on by and job done, its not dis similar to the S70.

Someone correct me if im wrong, been i while since ive had to do it :)

Wobbly Dave
Sunday 27th February 2005, 05:50
Yer not wrong - which reminds me. Mulletboy, I forgot to say about the insert above the handle

Thursday 3rd March 2005, 22:36
Got it sussed! Tightened up the nuts and it seems to have stopped!
Saves me the job off removing all the trim.