View Full Version : S60 Brakes - confused.

Thursday 15th December 2005, 15:27
I need to get a set of winter tyres / rims. Ideally they would also fit on the 850 T5's as well as my S60.

My handbook says Volvo reccomends 195/65 R15 winter tyres on all models bar the petrol turbo, which needs 205/55 R16. This is, I assume, to do with the petrol turbo models having larger brake discs.


Looking at the Volvo parts website - the brake discs for the D5 are the same as the T5? (305mm) HUH?

Does that mean I have to run 205/55 R16's ? Or does that mean the petrol turbo can also run 195/65 R15's in theory, but due to is hairy chested power output, it is inadvisable.

I would MUCH prefer to get 195/65 R15's if I can! I cannot seem to find an answer on the web.