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Tuesday 15th February 2005, 20:23
Just bought a tailgate spoiler for my 855 T5 and wondered if anyone knew how they fit? there seems to be no fittings with it and no idication of how it fits. it is not a genuine part of course but I don't want to bond it on in case I need to remove the rear screen at any time. Looks like i may have to drill the tailgate and self tapper into the spoiler although this seems a little rough to me? Anyone any suggestions? Thanks.

Tuesday 15th February 2005, 21:49
Hi mailee
if it is the same as mine (855R) then you may need a couple of little brackets that go around the top of the boot and fix to the hinge. (if i get a chance i will take a pic and post it asap) :)

Tuesday 15th February 2005, 21:53
Hey jp850R thanks, A photo would be great, I would appreciate that. Thanks.

Friday 18th February 2005, 20:52
Here r some pics hope they help,

http://www.2and2.net/Uploads/Images/boot%20spoiler%202.jpg http://www.2and2.net/Uploads/Images/boot%20spoiler%203.jpg http://www.2and2.net/Uploads/Images/Boot%20spoiler.jpg

Saturday 19th February 2005, 09:49
That is great, Thanks for going to all the trouble for me. Now I see how they fit. Actually the copy spoiler is a good copy by the looks of it and I shall fit some threaded studs in place. thanks again jp850r. Very helpful.

Saturday 19th February 2005, 19:51
No worries glad i could help :)