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Tuesday 28th June 2016, 19:18
Hello C30 people. I rarely venture out of the safe world of the Phase 2 pages on here, but thought I would pick your brains. As it turns out, I might be in the market for a T5 C30 Auto. Why, it's for the wife. She has just about had enough of her near 30k Nissan leaf due to an increasing amount of problems with charging stations. Yes there is more opening every year, but we either find three or four cars waiting (never charge at Ikea) or they are Out Of Order. She even came home on a recovery truck a few weeks back so not good. Now she has set her heart on a Gti Golf DSG, but I have other ideas. The car is on PCP, so will be basically handed back in just under a year.
Now the fact you can get the T5 engine (I know the engine well, on my 5th) in the c30 shell, really tickles me. So much so I can see myself buying one before the PCP runs out, so she can have a car for the summer as we have a place on the beach, east coast of Scotland and there is next to no charging stations.
So what should I be looking for apart from the engine. Do they come with Bluetooth as standard, do they rust, do they have struts like mine that cost a ruddy fortune. Would like to know the good the bad and the ugly and need it soon. She even took my R out last week to the shops, just to try it out she's says! Any info good or bad appreciated. Thanks.
P.S. An auto as she had her left knee replaced aged 43yrs.

Tuesday 5th July 2016, 10:22
Gosh blown away by the C30 followers.

Tuesday 5th July 2016, 10:37
C30 boys have there own site mate.


Don't think you would want a map , much :)

Thursday 7th July 2016, 09:12
C30 boys have there own site mate.


Don't think you would want a map , much :)

Must be a derv, please tell me that was Diesel with a tuning box or something.

Thursday 7th July 2016, 09:42

When theyre cheap enough i WILL be doing this.

Saturday 9th July 2016, 07:38
Well, I bought a C30 T5 for my wife a year ago this month. It's got 130,000 on it now (bought at 126,000) with service history. All the miles were put on over one year (late) by the previous owner.

It's not let us down apart from having to have a front shock replaced (one was weeping) so both got replaced at the same time. It's been very reliable, no issues to really report on apart from a service message appearing, now gone.

She loves driving it, the suspension can get a little nervous when going over holes in the road and the ride is relatively firm. Big standard alloys don't help here either. Goes like stink, though she never realises its full potential. Super easy to drive as an Auto, it is the switchable auto so can be driven as a manual if wanted. No bluetooth on mine but its an early one (white with the brown body kit).

Apart from that nothing to report. Enough room in the back, boot aperture is small but gives us no problems. Really is a good car IMO and it looks super in the colour scheme we have and with the big wheels.

I do find it a nice drive, easy and a beast when needed.