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Monday 9th May 2016, 16:53
Hi All,

Recently joined in on the RWD Turbobrick fun. Picked up a 1992 940 Manual B200FT. 165k.

I'm in the process of stripping the engine to replace head gasket.

I want to squeeze some more power out of the engine. Was looking for advice on which parts to go for. Tuning wise I was potentially looking at the following:-

- 15G Turbo (or Bigger)
- Uprated Injectors
- Uprated Cam - But which one?
- Suspension Lowering (Cut vs Lowered Springs vs Coilovers)
- Lightweighting - (Remove 7 Seats/Row2/Replace front two?)/Headlining/Insulation?

Some advice would be appreciated. Also, who uses genuine headgaskets or a Kit from PFV?

Anyone with parts for sale also will welcome those! Look forward to the support on this new adventure lol.


Tuesday 10th May 2016, 11:42
Quite a few years back i had the Wentworth 2 litre turbo 940 160k also a really superb motor except there was a tapping noise and it went into Volvo at Taunton where i lived then and the diagnosis was piston slap as this engine has short skirted pistons.

I opted for a new engine from Volvo which cost 2000 fitted which i thought then was a good price.

I only went as far as using an MBC set to 13.5 psi any more and the safety cutout operates at 14psi. I think this is done by fuel cut and not spark on this model.

It gave the motor around 180bhp which gave it a pretty good performance but the standard suspension could not handle the used power very good. A bit wallowy into corners etc.

Also i did not like the auto box with it as it felt as though the box was being wound up like an elastic band before it let go...lol

I know this doesn`t answer all your questions but at least it gives you some insite to what to expect.

Tuesday 17th May 2016, 10:49
A good way to go like you said;
15g or even 16t turbo. If your budget can stretch a garret t3 fits well :)
T5 injectors - gets rid of the resistor pack at the same time
Stainless exhaust
960 3inch maf
chippable ecu then get it chipped - a few people doing this, raises the boost cut off etc
cams - not sure which is best, depends what you will be using the car for??
Id always go for proper lowering spring against cut springs, classic swede does a good set for the 940!
gaskets etc - Id always go genuine volvo, hardly any more expensive than motor factors.

Tuesday 17th May 2016, 13:26
Turbobricks is your best forum, they've all got too many cylinders here!

Cam wise I'd be looking for a V or K, although the K doesn't have the slot for the dizzy. Or you could go IPD Turbo cam, or a KG0004 from KG Trimming in Sweden which is what I'll be running in my B230.

Tuesday 24th May 2016, 19:25
Thanks all for your input! Once I've got the cylinder head on and running sweet I'll demo be doing some upgrades. Thanks Sweep for the Cam Advice. Might consider stripping the car of weight and also making some home made strut braces.