View Full Version : Anyone fitted rear quarter glass?

Wednesday 30th November 2005, 19:02
As per my post - http://www.volvot5.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=61292#post61292 - does anyone know how to fit a rear quarter window glass?

Nothing else was damaged, nothing stolen, and the next person I catch damaging anyones car will finish up in hospital after they've found them.

Rant over.

Raises the question:- are the police worth it?
In the last 10 years - 2 cars "keyed", 2 motorcycles stolen, and now a window smashed.
Personally, I think not.

Wednesday 30th November 2005, 19:57
I hope their bleedin' hands fall off!, thievin scum.. I hope they didnt cause too much damage Goof.