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Friday 29th May 2015, 14:38
A quick thread to show how to retrieve GPS coordinates & G-sensor values from dash cameras equipped with those functions.

First off install Registrator Viewer (http://www.registratorviewer.com/index_en.html) and Dash Ware (http://www.dashware.net/) software on your laptop/PC.

I’m going to refer to CSV files below…for anyone who isn’t familiar, they are just files containing text that can be read by spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel) – with the values/variables within separated by commas/space/semi-colon, whatever. Full name is Comma Separated Values format. You can pull the data out of the *.mov file and put it in CSV format, which can be read by all manner of software.

1. Take *.mov file containing video from your camera,

2. Open in Registrator Viewer software,

3. Choose ‘Export Track’ and save as ‘Comma Separated Values: GPS and Gsensor’ format – giving a name to the CSV file that matches with the video so you can recognize it (e.g. ‘Croft 5th May.CSV’),

4. Open CSV file ‘Croft 5th May’ and copy & paste GPS, G-sensor and vehicle speed data to the ‘example.CSV’ file within Dash Ware folder on your C: drive. This can be a ball ache as the formatting is slightly different - for example I found the lateral G values to be in the opposite directions between the Nextbase output and the Dash Ware software display. If I was cleverer I would make a macro for this…but I’m not,

5. When you are finished, save the ‘example.CSV’ in the Dash Ware folder as something relevant to the video – ‘Croft 5th May DW’.CSV for example,

6. Fire up Dash Ware software and open the relevant .mov file. Also open the matching fettled CSV file (‘Croft 5th May DW.CSV’). Display 'Racepak G2X' works but probably others will also. Have a fiddle! Don't forget to choose 'Sync with Video'.



Note: the ‘example.CSV’ file provided in Dash Ware has a space for RPM values. Using additional data logging software you could record RPM values & add to the CSV file. Or failing that watch/listen to the video & add your own RPMs – as I did, 'C'Útait un rendez-vous' style.

p fandango
Friday 29th May 2015, 19:37
i use GoPro's so need to find a separate data logger, really want something that can get the car's rpm & speed as well

but i love DashWare & making gauges, so if you need help making any just let me know. This is one i did for the Phantom

https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/11182247_10205891054851428_7318249622770649218_n.j pg?oh=91b64c8bac553a3461b325459c16c835&oe=55F8DD3E