View Full Version : lpt help need more power v70 2.5t

Monday 7th February 2005, 21:55
is it possible to uprate the pressure in an lpt car ?

Wobbly Dave
Tuesday 8th February 2005, 01:36
Not a great deal (not in comparison with the HPT on the T5s). The compression ratio in the LPT is different to that of the T5 engine, however having said this and sat in an new shape V70 LPT not very long ago - I was very pleased nay surprised on how much pickup you have low down. It is there from the very instant you push the pedal!

Talk to Adam & Hamish at VT - they will be able to adivse you - the best way forward without going to a T5 really is a ECU remap. I don't remember exactly but I think the RICA remap takes your car to over 225bhp

:welcome: and Enjoy the ride!