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Pedro Fandango
Wednesday 2nd February 2005, 18:58
i've just brought an automatic Turbo Timer as it was on the cheap the instructions are written in Jap, we've managed to figure out most of the wiring but are stuck with 2 left over, ignition in & ignition out. I know a few people have fitted timers so wonder if you know which wire goes where

Thanks Duane

Wednesday 2nd March 2005, 03:16
What timer have you just fitted....?

I've just got myself a Blitz Dual Turbo timer (manual one though) from E-bay Turbo timer with digital boost guage. It Came with no instructions and am on the trail of people who have fitted ones for instructions. I roughly know how it wires in but I want to be sure before I start cutting wires....

I assume my alarm won't activate anymore with this fitted...?

My wire colours are:
RED - Permanent Live / 12v constant
BLUE - Ignition Acc Wire
GREEN - Ignition Swtich
BLACK - Earth / ground

PURPLE - Hanbrake Sensor.
ORANGE - Speed sensor.
White - Used only by Nissans

Does anyone know if Volvos have an Electronic Speed sensor?
I need a connection that has no current when stationary but power if the car moves....

The Orange wire needs to connect to this Otherwise it'll go to earth..

Any ideas Pedro, Justin, Bracer, Hamish, Adam....anyone....?

Pedro Fandango
Wednesday 2nd March 2005, 14:42
tbh i'm not sure how it will react with either factory alarm or aftermarket, i'm guessing i won't be able to set either alarm until the timer runs out without activiting an imobilizor which will kill the engine early anyway.

Volvo's do use an electric speedo but i can't see why you've got the orange wire on yours because its a manual timer, inless its another security wire like the one to the handbrake

Thursday 3rd March 2005, 01:35
I think your right. I've bought the older version to the Dual Turbo Timer DC. The wirings very similar to installation guides I've found on the internet but with this extra wire. The only reference I could find was the Speed sensor was an extra Security feature on the old models. It's not fitted to the newer ones as far as I can see....

Couple of questions -
If I'm using the boost guage on the turbo timer do I loose the dashboard guage..?
Do I need to run a seperate boost pipe or do I run a T-piece off the dashboard...?

Have you got yours working yet...?

Pedro Fandango
Thursday 3rd March 2005, 18:08
i'm running an additional boost gauge but still left the dash one working (although i am keeping an eye out for dials out of a non-turbo), i've ran a seperate pipe off the vac tree for my other gauge but i believe many have T'd off the original with no bother

can't get my steering column off to wire mine in yet :mad:

Friday 4th March 2005, 02:04
I was going to put mine in this weekend but now I'm working...... :mad: So I'll have a play early next week.......

Friday 4th March 2005, 18:56
I bought and fitted a greddy one the other day and i need to find a way around the alarm, the coulours are the same as mine by the looks of it. it works fine but have to lock it with the key then arm the alarm later at the mo.

Sunday 13th March 2005, 01:54

Have you fitted yours yet......? Once I sorted out the wires required it was a piece of Pee to fit. No need to cut wires at all so if removal is required there would be very limited tell tale signs.

Finished mine yesterday then went to a mates to fit an Apexi one to his Rover. I'm almost turning into a professional.
http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid160/p720e10e6d56e7830b8a99928b3362a34/f4da665e.jpg http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid160/p0c5652bdbbfd4acf697f8595ebb20ae5/f4da665b.jpg

The confusing wires are the Blue and Green...

You need to find :
A chunky Yellow/Violet stripe that bridges with the Blue wire.
A normal sized Blue/Red Striped wire which bridges with the green one All the rest are pretty straight forward.

The pictures are pretty rubbish at the moment but I'd already reassembled the car before thinking that I need to take some photos......

When I get time I'll post a fitting guide for Apexi and Blitz cos They are almost identical to enhance Justins and Bracers fine work in the Technical section.....but it may take a few days as I'm going to be in London so won't be near a PC......

Pedro Fandango
Sunday 13th March 2005, 10:22
cheers mate, the pics don't work but atleast i know which colours wires to look for thanks

Sunday 13th March 2005, 17:24
Finished mine yesterday then went to a mates to fit an Apexi one to his Rover. I'm almost turning into a professional.
Hi JUDGENINJA, do u have the volvo stsndard alarm on yours? if so did (and how) you get round it?

Sunday 13th March 2005, 22:04
Quick Answer.....I didn't....just have to lock car with the key......
You have to remember I live in the back end of no where so car security is not a specific priority. I am looking in to it and have a contact who developed a timed switch if I get anywhere I'll let you know...

Pedro Fandango
Friday 18th March 2005, 14:50
finally got mine wired, bloody thing i had to wait 2 minutes before i could put petrol in yesterday (the women next to me looked confused when BT turned herself off with no-one in the car lol)

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 02:09
Press the power button.....it resets any timer you've set.....It's cool though isn't it.....
I like walking off and watching peoples faces as they look at the car running.... but then again I live a sad life....

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 08:56
LMSO!! Steve has had this on his car for about 18 months! :haha: He finds it as amusing as you two do (it must be a man thing!!)


Pedro Fandango
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:25
He finds it as amusing as you two do (it must be a man thing!!)
you women just don't understand do you :biggrin:

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:27
Apparently not!! :whatever: You know the saying about little things...... :saythat: :hihi:


Pedro Fandango
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:31
You know the saying about little things...... :saythat: :hihi:
your not the fiirst person to say that to me :frown:

Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:33
your not the fiirst person to say that to me :frown:

LOL! Dont worry Babe - i am sure I wont be the last!! :buttkick: :haha:


Pedro Fandango
Tuesday 29th March 2005, 14:35
LOL! Dont worry Babe - i am sure I wont be the last!!
thanks Hun you know how to make someone feel better (namely yourself lol)

Monday 2nd May 2005, 14:35
Finally got mine sorted yesterday with the help of the Judge

Stopped in a services for fuel n though a should just do the job as a was stopped anyway :D

So after Wayne messed around he figured out that the reason it wasnt workin was coz it wasnt connected 2 the handbrake so thats what a did, well kinda lol

Joined Purple and orange together and connected them 2 an earth...hey presto it works...... now could this be why ma management lights came on? should a disconnect the speedsensor one?

Anyway as for the alarm, mine was set to run 10 seconds, alarm takes longer mibees 30 seconds 2 arm, pressed the button, closed the door, lights flashed, light on dash started flashing, car switched off and alarm never sounded :sinner: happy dayz :D

Pedro Fandango
Monday 2nd May 2005, 17:17
your turbo timer is set for 10 seconds? my auto timer often carries on for upto 3 minutes

Monday 2nd May 2005, 17:36
Fraz has a Blitz automatic turbo timer exactly the same model as mine. Once We'd played for a while and realizing that he needed to earth his wires he now has a functioning timer. But without piping in the boost guage, he can only use the manual setting, which can go up as far as 9min 90 secs if required. Cos I've got my boost guage fitted I use mine in auto mode which counts up for every second that the turbo boost is above 0.00 and then counts down in seconds when the turbo is in negetive boost. I have a 1/4 mile drive up to work at 20mph, I find that once parked I only have to leave the car running for about 20 secs or so...I haven't been able to source a programmer who could make me a delayed alarm arm system but I'm still working on the idea.....

Pedro Fandango
Monday 2nd May 2005, 17:53
ah i see, my timer rely's on the varying voltage from the wires to work out how hard your driving. I drive about 2-3 miles to work by which time its normally upto 1min 40seconds (but by the turn i've turned off the engine, found where all my stuff has gone flying to, clipped the radio & nav, get out its about to end anyway)