View Full Version : Sport Adjustable Suspension Kits

Friday 28th January 2005, 13:25
Wonder if anyone could give some guidance on this product


its a koni package and seems a good price?

Will it fit ok on a 97 t5 estate? Will there be any dramas with the rear suspension set up / self leveling?

I was planning to ask a local garage to whack it on as I dont have a clue,
anything I should know i.e. how long will it take to fit

the ecu upgrade is highlighting the shortfalls in the stock set up!


Tuesday 8th February 2005, 22:51
have this set up on my v70 t5 99 model with ME7, sound set up drives nice like on rails, but harsh ride due to my tyre choose am running with 225x35x18" you feel & i mean feel every match stick on the road Ouch!!!!!