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Wednesday 26th October 2005, 09:55
How do you measure the physical size of speakers ,the diameter of the holes in my parcel shelf are 16cm/6.25" so what would I be looking to buy,how do suppliers measure them.
Not looking for nowt fancy ,have tried a few breakers for oem items, but no joy.

Wednesday 26th October 2005, 10:36
Rear shelf speakers should be 8"

Problem is that standard car speakers are 4ohm, Volvo S70 speakers are 8ohm which allows you to run 2 speakers per channel on the radio i.e 8 speakers 4 channels

Kent Canary
Wednesday 26th October 2005, 18:25
I couldnt find 8" speakers for love nor money that werent custom made or costed the earth. I got some speaker adaptors from Nexxia online and bought some nice JBL 6" for the parcel shelf.

Its a bit of a pain in the S70 you have to take the rear seats out to fit them! It is doable though.

Thursday 27th October 2005, 01:14
I managed to get a pair of 8.25" pioneers into my old S70 only pain was the wiring connectors had to be changed and their was only a little bit of wire left from the original wiring,
I had to cut/break the original platic covers off though to get them to fit,


Thursday 27th October 2005, 09:52
sounds like i should hang out for oem ones :slap: