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Tuesday 25th October 2005, 14:03
Check this out!!!!

Volvo Vid (http://www.sysop.ca/media/overloaded850.mpeg)


The Flying Banana
Tuesday 25th October 2005, 14:10
Check this out!!!!

Volvo Vid (http://www.sysop.ca/media/overloaded850.mpeg)


Unbef*****glievable!!!! Liked his mirrors though!!!

Although I thought Speshs motor was white!!!!

Tuesday 25th October 2005, 14:33
Fantastic....shame you can't get the power down with front wheel drive :pants:

Tuesday 25th October 2005, 22:07
Blinkin' eck! :jaw:

Anyone know what kind of spec?

Tuesday 25th October 2005, 22:18
This has been around for years, but it's still a very cool car!

It is believed to be the work of AutoTech in Sweden (who I think come from a town called "Trollhaten" or similar).

Tuesday 25th October 2005, 22:18
I've saw that before...

Think it was posted on the old forum.

Its about 500hp i think

Saturday 12th November 2005, 07:03
That WAS Overladdens car, he sold last year IIRC. I don't remember what he was runing other than NA GLT cams. :slap: Search on volvospeed, there are about 2billion threads about this car.