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Thursday 13th October 2005, 10:40
Just a quick question, when my ignition is switched on which warning lights should illuminate ? Thanks

Thursday 13th October 2005, 11:04

Have you checked the handbook as this is certainly covered in mine.

Thursday 13th October 2005, 11:08
Martin, unfortunately I dont have the handbook........

Thursday 13th October 2005, 11:11
What model of Volvo is it ? Could be that someone else can look in their handbook if we know.

Thursday 13th October 2005, 11:18
Right. By model I meant 850, V/s 70 etc.

I can't access my handbook at the moment as I still haven't fixed the locked glovebox problem I have had since May/June :slap:

From memory the warning lights for low fuel, bulb out, washer level, water level, ABS, TRACS, Lambda sensor(Engine management), service, (come on as a check that the bulbs are working), handbrake, oil pressure and alternator charge all should come on. I don't remember is there a SRS light? If so this will also illuminate.

On starting up all should extinguish except hand brake on, (assuming it is applied of course). Other lights may stay on if the function they alert for has an issue.

Thursday 13th October 2005, 11:55
I dont think the ABS light is coming on, will check when I get home and contact you. If anyone could upload a pic it would be helpful. Thanks

Thursday 13th October 2005, 12:28
Your Volvo dealer will sell you a handbook for about 6; good value. They can also get you a printout of the car's history, usually free.
Cheers, Chris.

Thursday 13th October 2005, 12:34
Its a 96 s70 T5, thanks for all the help . Much appreciated, hope I can recepirocate....if only I knew what that meant.......

Thursday 13th October 2005, 14:03
Glad to help.

Put your location into the user profile. You will see that quite a few meetings are arranged on here and a location always helps

Enjoy the car.