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Friday 14th January 2005, 18:30
I know this has been spoken about before, but I am sure we have quite a following now here at Volvo T5. Now the ZX owners club and the Seat owners club and the E30 zone have all or are all going to the ring for a meet. I am sure this is of interest to some people albeit just to watch or go in a ring taxi with Sabine. So just to lay out the monetary implications I have done a hypothetical itinerary for the job:

http://maps.msn.co.uk/UK/(qzt1sv55qdvul445bzbcqbux)/MPSvc.aspx?MPMtd=DIR&L=EUR409&C=51.851836252564%2c3.02168101300871&A=2000&S=405%2c320&PN=1925299052&P=|53.2231391966343%2c-1.45728321745992|flag_start|Start|L1||50.331172216 6836%2c6.93957888521254|flag_end|End|L1|

So from my house in Chesterfield the mileage door to door is 527.0 Miles. So you can bet your bottom dollar that with mistakes made and diversions in place this will turn into 550 miles. So there and back for me is 1100 miles. I assume I will do around 6 laps around the ring in 2 days. rounding up lets say that is 100 miles worth of fuel. So all in all I guess 1200 miles will be covered in 2 days. The cost of this based on 0.85p / liter and 23 mpg will cost 200 for fuel.

Chunnel will be 99.00 return for a bargin on line deal. 1 night in a hotel will cost 45 / couple and spending money will be around 50 / person. The cost per lap is 10 euros I think. But I think it is fair to say that cost will be around 50 for the weekend. So getting the calc out, the total cost is a generous 500. but if we were to go 4 up in a car, the fuel would no doubt be the same so that would be split 4 ways as would the Chunnel. So it becomes a bit cheaper at 170 / person for non drivers, and an additional 50 for drivers, which suddenly turns into a bit of a bargin.

I am sure there are at least 3 or 4 people willing to tackle the ring at their own pace, so it could be a thumbs up eh !?!?!?!

While you are thinking about that - have a good weekend people