View Full Version : just booked in for rica

Thursday 6th October 2005, 12:34
1st time i have had a car that can be maped can not wate to see what it goes like of to vt next week 590 and shud see the 300bhp mark not bad :B_steerin

Thursday 6th October 2005, 12:49
I love the drive back after going to Chiptuning. When i had mine done [855 T5 Auto] nothing could have prepared me for the transformation, and frankly the best money i have spent !

i know you will love it.

Thursday 6th October 2005, 13:01
Total transformation you will have lots of smiles per hour ;)

Thursday 6th October 2005, 13:04
sounds like its well worth the money all the good vibes about it.

Wobbly Dave
Thursday 6th October 2005, 13:38
Y' didnt seem that happy at Avon?

Thursday 6th October 2005, 14:22
Scooby did you tell them that i recommended you lol then i get a 25 fee for sending you, hint hint!

Thursday 6th October 2005, 16:15
What day you going then?

Thursday 6th October 2005, 17:20
Nice One :B_steerin

Friday 7th October 2005, 11:24
I got mine done by post a few weeks ago! 280-290 on tap using standard unleaded :D Adam's a decent bloke

Friday 7th October 2005, 13:21
im down there wed
not happy down avon no grip was more like ice than a drag strip mind u shud have new tred soon tyres are e i have on now to hard.

Friday 7th October 2005, 13:27
mind u car seams faster now i have run it a bit. was standing for 3 weeks then had a flat batery i no it used 30 of optimax fast but now its not to bad on fuel strange..