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Wednesday 5th October 2005, 08:37
I've had an S70 T5 and an 850 T5 before, but dont remember the PAS being as whiney as mine it when going lock to lock! Is my PAS pump on the way out??? Sometimes the steering stiffens slightly when parking etc, but never on the move. Only got my new toy a month ago :slap:

Also, how easy is it to replace them??? Im not too bad with a spanner :help:

Wednesday 5th October 2005, 08:47
Check the fluid mate, sounds like its running low

You get wee stiff parts and a constant whine when turning when its low

Top up and it should quieten down and steering should become lighter again

Wednesday 5th October 2005, 08:49
Oh and :welcome:

Tell us more about yourself and this S70......

Wednesday 5th October 2005, 08:59

You will probably have to bleed the system when you top it up. Involves turning lock-to-lock (details in any Haynes book of lies) to get rid of the trapped air that is making it lumpy.

Wednesday 5th October 2005, 09:11
Well Fraz, I used to be a member on T5ORG back when I had my GORGEOUS 855 T5 (until it got nicked :mad: ) and with the insurance cash, I bought an S70 T5 CD, which I loved, but it was an Auto, so I got bored and sold it, and bought a Scoob! Then got bored and bought a BM, then another, then another Scoob, now Im back to an S70 T5 SE, because they are the best all round car I've ever driven, and I missed my other one as soon as I got rid!
I sold my 99 UK Scoob for 6k, and bought my T5 for 3k, and its a much better car, and I've had it "tweaked" by Adam at VT :worship: I've just bought some alloys off 18" Ebay which Im gonna have refurbed in dark silver, and then bung them on.

So, thats about it! Was gonna post this on the Newby section, but seein as you asked :wavey:

I'll see if these piccys work

Old one


Old one after being nicked and wrote off


Last S70


Current one


Wednesday 5th October 2005, 10:33
lovin the colour of the last S70, shame about the 855 tho, looked sweet, a thought about a Scooby there when ma last car was written off but a just couldnt see them as good as the Volvo

Hope this new one keeps ye smiling, n good luck wi the steering ;)

Wednesday 5th October 2005, 11:06
Cheers Fraz! If i only had Trac's, I'd smile all day long, instead of shreading me bloody front tyres all the time! My old S70 had it, this one doesnt! DOH!
Hopefully my new 18's will help a little! Will post a piccy once there on. Still, it feels like my S70 would p**s all over my Scooby

Thursday 6th October 2005, 14:21
Where were we??? Ohhhhh yes, my noisey PAS! I've checked the oil level, and its at the correct level, soooooooo, how easy is it to replace the pump?????

Anyone :dunce:

Thursday 6th October 2005, 14:37
Mine groans on full lock mainly when really cold.
I prefer tracs off as it only works upto 30 mph anyway.

Thursday 6th October 2005, 15:20
How come you ain`t got tracs on the newbie mines an 97 "p" T5 SE and i`ve got the tracs but like lance says its only effective below 30 mph any way
So its no real loss unless u keep flooring it from standing then you gonna eat much rubber

ps :welcome:



Thursday 6th October 2005, 15:58
Cheers Lance and T5Owner

I think mine hasnt got TRAC,s cos whoever bought it was a tight arse!
I havent got Heated Seats, or Headlamp wash wipes either. There so
many specs out there of 850,s and S70,s! At least I save a bit of weight with out all the goodies :haha:

Still need info on replaceing the PAS unit though! It whines a bit too much for my likeing, even more than the Mrs :D

Thursday 6th October 2005, 16:04

(details in any Haynes book of lies)

Is the Haynes manual not good then???

Friday 7th October 2005, 08:31
Is the Haynes manual not good then???

To be fair, it has helped me out a number of times, but sometimes it is so far from reality e.g. first line of a two spanner job reads "Remove engine", or they have just chosen not to include it (e.g. fuel filler flap motor assembly on the 850).

Friday 7th October 2005, 08:35
I'll take a look at it at the weekend, BUT, from what I can see, it's driven by the cambelt, possibly :scared:

Friday 7th October 2005, 08:53
PAS pump is driven off the aux drive belt. It's right at the top so shouldn't be too bad to remove.
Would be worth replacing the little vacuum elbow on the inlet manifold while you've got it off, as it will give you loads more room than you would normally have. This little bugger is known to perish and throw a lambda warning light. There are loads of threads on this (I started one a while ago) if you do a search.
I would probably change the thermostat while I was there too.

Friday 7th October 2005, 10:42
Cheers Nik, thanks a lot :)