View Full Version : clutch problems

Monday 10th January 2005, 23:13
Had first chance to use car since rica upgrade over the weekend and the car says go but the clutch says NO!!!! under normal driving its fine even pulling from low revs in fifth,but as soon as the turbo comes it just cant cope with power.I know im going to have to change it,GSF have a clutch kit for 110+vat is this going to be ok long term or would it be better to use volvo parts or is there an alternative?

Tuesday 11th January 2005, 08:23
Where are you in the UK mate ?

Tuesday 11th January 2005, 17:41
JUSTIN :Im in s.wales

Tuesday 11th January 2005, 18:08
If you are prepared to drive to Nottingham you can have a genuine volvo clutch and release bearing fitted by a specialist for 300 all in.

If you are let me know asap as im on holiday from Thursday, i can give you deatils before i go ;)